Monday, November 4, 2013

"Finding Infinity" Teaser - Part One

Here's your first teaser for "Finding Infinity." I'm going to release a snippet of this chapter every couple of days. I'll warn you that I've had to edit some of it a bit to protect major plot points.

I don’t recognize the person in the mirror. Her hair is hanging past the middle of her back, with soft waves framing her face. The hair color isn’t exactly caramel any longer. It’s maybe a sandy blonde with gold highlights, and light brown lowlights? Her eyes are still violet, but the makeup artist has used some trick to change the shape to make them appear more almond. Her body has been sprayed with a tan that gives her a healthy glow.

She’s wearing a long, pale pink, body-skimming dress. It almost looks as if she’s wearing a slip. It’s been borrowed from some famous designer that offered to loan her the gown for the evening. Apparently it came straight off the runway in Milan, and was able to be let out enough to accommodate the girl in the mirror’s non-model measurements. Her shoes are nude strappy sandals. Even though they have a very high heel, she’ll still be much shorter than her date.

She’s very pretty. If I saw the girl in the mirror in a gossip magazine—not that I read them—I would think she had been blessed by the gods with Colin’s kind of beauty.

The only way that I can tell that the girl in the mirror is me is that she has on her silver infinity necklace, given to her by the man that’s her forever: her Aggie ring. She’s also wearing huge diamond earrings, marked with Colin’s symbols, and an engagement ring given to her last night by Colin-fucking-McKinney.


Beccas Books said...

I love this!!! Thank you Layne!

Preet said...

Woo hoo! I'm so looking forward to reading this next chapter in their journey!

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