Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Finding Infinity" Teaser - Part Two

Sorry for the delay... bit of technical difficulties. Here is your second teaser. Cheers!

It’s taken him and the jeweler over three months to get the ring perfect enough for Colin to give it to me. The only say that I had in the design was that I didn’t want a diamond. I saw the jeweler’s jaw drop almost to his knees as the words exited my mouth. I’m sure that he had to immediately call his real estate agent and cancel the home purchase in Beverly Hills that he was about to be able to afford off the proceeds from the sale of the diamond that Colin wanted me to have.
After I explained to him, as well as Colin, that I’m a surgeon, I think they understood. I wear latex gloves all day. I can’t have some gigantic rock. I wanted a ring that I never have to take off.
The jeweler then called and canceled his purchase of his new fancy car when I said that I didn’t want two rings. One ring was enough. Colin made some ridiculous comment under his breath about why I can’t be a normal girl. I ignored it, because we both know that if I were a normal girl, he wouldn’t be the least bit interested in me.
I then further slashed the jeweler’s bank account when I said that it had to be simple. Not flashy or gaudy, and the ring had to be made out of surgical grade titanium.
Colin threw a fit. He’s said, more than once, that this ring costs less than the original engagement ring that he bought for me with his signing bonus when he joined Dallas. I don’t care. After slammed doors and lots of yelling, I think he finally got it. I didn’t want a diamond wedding or engagement ring. He gave me the earrings. That’s enough diamonds for me.  I threw the term “Get over it” around a lot. 
Colin refused to re-propose when he gave it to me last night. The months since we’ve gotten back together have been rough. I’m pretty sure that he was convinced I would say that I wouldn’t marry him if he asked again. Instead, last night, while we were making love and playing his favorite game, the one where he tries out all of my new names while he samples his favorite places on my body, he slipped it on my finger using his teeth while he sucked on my ring finger. Erotic? Yes. Romantic? Definitely. A story that we can share over Thanksgiving turkey? Not so much.
I finally got to really look at the ring about an hour later. It’s perfect—just what I wanted. Colin and the jeweler captured our relationship to a T. It’s two pieces of titanium, twisted together and inset with one row of light lavender amethyst stones, for the color of my eyes and the lavender dresses that Colin loves to see me wear, and a row of diamonds because, by God, Colin was going to sneak diamonds in somehow. My ring is simple, not the least bit gaudy, without a beginning or ending, and practical. I’ll never take it off.

"Finding Infinity" comes on November 26!


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