Monday, November 25, 2013

"Finding Infinity" is live!

Today, I hit "publish" instead of breaking up my kids' morning fight over who gets what cereal bowl. I hit "publish" while my husband took over my job coaxing our dogs to use the restroom outside when it's freezing cold and raining. More importantly, I pushed aside the huge knot in the pit of my stomach and clicked on the singular word that gives you, my loyal readers, the heart - the crux - of Charlie and Colin's story. I'm scared to death that I've let you down. I'm scared that the book is too real - not enough fantasy. In the end, though, this is their story. This has been their story for longer than I've been a wife and a mother. I hope you love Colin and Charlie even more for their faults and failures. I also hope you appreciate their journey and feel, when you're finished, you caught up with an old friend over an amazing dinner and bottle of wine. And you look forward to the next time you meet again.

Click here ( to purchase a copy.


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