Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Finding Infinity" Teaser - Part Four

I've received a few emails asking the same question so let me clear up any confusion. I'm sharing part of a chapter of "Finding Infinity." If you start with Part One, you'll read them in order.

The facade looks carefree, as if she doesn’t have a worry in the world. The real person is struggling, minute by minute, for control over her life. The real girl knows that her worst fear has come true. She’s lost all sense of who she is. The order of her life, that she clung so desperately to, is dust in the wind. The only thing that she has is her one true love. She’s lost herself, and that’s a devastating thing to admit. She’s struggling every day to find her new normal. And, she’s winning.
Colin saunters into the second bedroom in the suite at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, that’s been turned into my personal salon. The bed was removed before we checked in. There is a makeup chair in the corner surrounded by chests of cosmetics and lights brought in for the occasion. Two wardrobe racks line the walls with tuxes and back-up dresses.  I watch him approach me from behind as I stare into the floor-length, silver framed, modern accessory mirror that’s propped up against the wall.
I can’t take my eyes off of him. He’s quite possibly the most beautiful man alive. Even his crooked nose adds to his perfection. He walks up behind me and places a soft kiss on my neck, just where it meets my shoulder. It’s a simple kiss, but it holds so much promise when our eyes lock together in the mirror.
“You’re so fuckin’ gorgeous that I’m not letting you out of sight tonight.” He pauses, and wraps his arm around my waist, splaying his hand possessively on my stomach. “But, I can’t wait for this evening to be over so I can wipe that shit off your face, wash your hair, lose this dress, and see the real Charlie that puts this girl to shame. I want you naked and underneath me. I want the Charlie that nobody else sees. I want my beautiful girl,” he whispers in my ear, as his hand travels south.
Just when I don’t think that Colin can get any more awesome, he drops a line like that. It’s like he’d been reading my thoughts. The man knows me so scarily well. “Well, McKinney. I have to say that you’re no slouch yourself in that tuxedo.” I run my eyes up and down his physique, drinking him in. He  can fill out his Armani tux—well. His wavy, dark blonde curls have been slicked back away from his tan face. His stubbled jawline is rugged and sexy while still giving him a sophisticated air. The black jacket and crisp white shirt that he has on makes his emerald green eyes sparkle.  “I wouldn’t be opposed to skipping out on the evening, heading to In and Out Burger, and making damn good use of this suite.”
I shift my eyes downward and watch the affect that my words have on Colin. I watch his bulge grow inside his pants. Mission accomplished.
“You like that,” he asks, shifting his own eyes to his erection in the mirror. We both know that it’s not really a question. It’s a statement. If we never had to leave the bedroom, Colin and I wouldn’t have a problem in the world.
I smile my best devilish smile. “Shall we go.” I leave the suggestive statement hanging in the air. It has so many meanings. Shall we take off our clothes and skip the Espy Awards for a night of passionate, earth-shattering lovemaking? Or shall we go walk the red carpet right now, with Colin’s raging erection, proving to the world just what we mean to each other?
I catch Colin’s look in the mirror, and I know that, unfortunately, it will be neither. We will walk the red carpet together, but we’ll keep our public persona firmly in place. This is business. He’s required to attend these award shows for his sponsors, for his team, and for the millions of fans that buy the products that he pimps. This is also the first time that we’re being photographed together in public where we actually get to pose.
            Our spell is broken when he cast his eyes down to the plush, navy carpet. “Come on, beautiful girl. Let’s go get this shit over with.” 

"Finding Infinity" will be available on November 26 through Amazon. 


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