Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Finding Infinity" Teaser - Part Seven

November 26 is so close that I can taste it...

As soon as Brad and I are inside the lobby, security walks me over to a bank of televisions so we can watch Colin walk the red carpet. It’s amazing to see how carefree he looks. He’s walking along the line of fans, shaking hands, signing autographs, and posing for pictures. I see him grab a fangirl’s camera and take a photo of the two of them together. She nearly passes out. He acknowledges all the kids and gives them an extra half-second of his time.
The producers of the various networks that have sent reporters to cover the red carpet arrivals are trying to get Colin’s attention. I see them finally giving up, and pleading their cases to Jenny and Aiden.
I can tell when Colin spots Tyler and Liza, because his smile finally reaches his eyes. He walks over to them and greets them both. They pose for pictures together. I’ve grown to really like them. Liza, being a music stylist, has them dressed as if they’re going to the Grammys. However, I have to laugh out loud when I see the tie that Tyler is wearing. He has on all black: black pants, jacket, and shirt. All of his tattoos are appropriately covered. However, the tie that he’s wearing is the ultimate in tacky. It’s a Dallas Cowboys tie from the 1980's that probably came complimentary with the purchase of a bottle of cologne. It’s hideously perfect for the rocker/football player. His hair is a crazy shade of blue. The fans love him, and scream for his attention.
Aiden and Jenny direct Colin to the line of reporters covering the red carpet arrivals. That’s when I see her. Sasha Stone is holding a microphone, and trying desperately to get Colin’s attention. I turn to the security person standing next to me. “Please turn up the volume,” I ask, trying to keep the fear out of my voice. The ever present knot is growing in my stomach.
I watch Colin’s body language, trying to predict what he’s going to do. As he approaches her, his face is unreadable. He’s slipped the game day mask on. He could stab you in the heart, and you wouldn’t see it coming.
I’ll give Sasha credit. She looks gorgeous. Her dress is lime sorbet green, which sounds ugly, but looks fantastic against her tan complexion, light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. It skims her body, revealing every curve without showing much skin.
When Colin reaches her, he bends down and places a kiss on her cheek. I’m sure that it’s friendly, but it makes me crazy. Those lips will not touch me until they’ve been sanitized . . . with Lysol. Their body language is friendly. I reach down and feel my engagement ring with my finger. I know that Colin wants me and not her, but I still hate seeing them together. Her beauty rivals his.
She single-handedly sunk my career by granting that awful interview. Because of her, Colin and I had to open our lives up for public viewing. I hate her. How can he be so friendly to her? She pushed the pebble down the mountain, creating our avalanche.
Then, I notice what Colin’s doing. He’s rubbing his thumb back and forth over his engagement ring. It’s a very small gesture, but I’ve noticed that he does it frequently. My first impression is that it’s become the equivalent of a child’s safety blanket for him, or a much-loved teddy bear. The ring, that he complained so much about wearing, is bringing him comfort. That loosens the knot in my stomach.
Sasha keeps her questions focused on football, which is smart, on her part. Colin gives the same rehearsed, tired answers that he always gives. Yes! He’s looking forward to the season. This is one of the best teams that Dallas has ever had. Blah . . . blah . . . blah . . .
Then, to my surprise, she asks him if he can confirm the rumors that he’s ending his endorsement deal with the underwear company. Colin flashes his “Aw, shucks” grin and replies, “You know, I’m almost in my mid-thirties. I think it’s time to hang up the briefs.”
Sasha jumps on the news, like white on rice. “So, you’re confirming that your famous underwear campaign will be coming to an end?”
“Yup. That’s what I’m confirming,” he says, still smiling his good ol’ boy grin.
“I noticed a wedding ring on your left hand. Can you also confirm that you’re married?” I’ll give Sasha credit. She asks the question without a hint of malice or jealousy in her voice. She’s either a great reporter, or she never really loved Colin, like her interview led everyone to believe.
Colin’s jaw sets in the rigid stance that I’ve become familiar with when he’s angry, and I see him thumbing his ring even faster. “Sasha, I do not comment on my private life.” As he says this, the camera zooms in on his left hand. His emphasis on the word “my” clearly has a double meaning. He’s telling her that it’s his life, not hers, and also letting her know that he didn’t appreciate the tell-all interview that she granted. “My” is one hell of a powerful word.
He turns and walks away from Sasha, without an ounce of pleasantries. I can hear the questions being shouted at him. Reporters are asking where I am. They want to know when the baby is due. But, most disconcertingly, they want him to answer questions about the rumors of his addiction to painkillers and other narcotics. He’s doing a wonderful job of ignoring all the noise, and going back to interact with the crowd of fans.
I want to run down and rescue him. I feel my blood pressure rising. How dare they? I’ve never seen someone who takes as good care of their body as Colin does. Yes. He admitted only to me that he had a problem, but that was very early in his career, and he’s moved on. Damn the media, for building him up just to tear him down.


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