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Oh no!

Caught our elf sneaking a peek at "The World: According to Rachael." Made her blush...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"The World: According to Rachael" is LIVE!

The World: According to Rachael is live. Wow! This is my fifth book published... a whole hand. This is also the first book that I haven't had years to ponder (obsess over).

A quick bit about me. I dabbled in Washington politics for a couple of years. In my previous life, I worked as a PR rep in D.C. It was a very fun gig. Anyway, I always saw Rachael as being strong enough to navigate Washington. It's not for the faint-hearted. That led me to reminiscence about some of the more interesting people I met during my time in the nation's capital. 

Graham. I'm very attached to him. I never thought that I would write another male character that I felt so strongly about. Graham Jackson has won a permanent place in my heart. He's not Colin. Here's a spoiler... He doesn't give up his job for Rachael. You see more of his personality in his book "The World: According to Graham." 

Rachael. When I start writing, I don't create a character sheet. I let their personalities evolve more organically and tweak when I begin editing. I think Rachael is very relatable in spite of her job title. She reminds me of myself a bit before I got married. This paragraph I stole from my 20's. 

"This gorgeous cocktail dress has an unfortunate closure, but because I live alone, I’ve mastered the art of contorting my body so I can zip and unzip my own dresses. In fact, the few times that I do get to watch a movie or TV show and the main character asks her partner to unzip her dress, I almost gag. In the real world, us single girls list that as a survival skill."

Evan: I know he's a minor character. I don't care. He deserves his own paragraph in my blog post. Evan is plagiarized from my former business partner. I changed the name to protect the guilty. His banter with Rachael is a snapshot of our morning conversations. We were asked more than once if we were dating. Icky! But, the two of us could share a room in the old folks' home and create havoc with our banter.

Without giving too much away if you haven't read "The World: According to Rachael," in my humble opinion, I think this book is great. I love the twist. I like the characters. I'm working on Graham's book now. I think he's adorable, and I love Rachael's growth. I can't wait to complete their journey and share it with you. 

Here's the buy link for "The World: According to Rachael." If you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, it's free. 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Versions of "Falling Into Infinity" and "From Now Until Infinity"

I'm a self promotion nightmare. I just realized that some of you probably missed the news on the Infinity Series. To make a long complicated story as short as possible, I had Falling Into Infinity and From Now Until Infinity re-edited.

What does that mean? Well, here's the scoop. THE STORY HAS NOT CHANGED! In fact, both the grammar editor and the last pass editor took great care to make sure that the story and original writing were preserved as much as possible. We fixed typos, grammar and cleaned up sentences that didn't quite make sense. I even left some time line inconsistencies which I really, really wanted to fix. If you read the books again, the only thing that you should notice is a smoother read.

I've received messages asking if I've added new details or included new scenes. The answer to the "new scenes" is absolutely not. You might stumble across something that you missed the first time, but I promise that it's not new. The answer to the question about adding details is a fuzzy answer. Yes. Some details have been added, but they are used to paint a scene more clearly in the reader's mind. They aren't changing the intent of the scene. My goal is for you not to be able to find those new details.

I want to properly explain why I did this. Those that have been following me since the beginning know this story. I apologize for repeating it. The Infinity Series was always four books. The series was first written in my head and featured in creative writing assignments when I was in school. I actually put the story down on paper many times before I got the courage to commit to the full four books. When I hit publish on Falling is was to complete a bucket list item. It never occurred to me that anyone would actually buy a copy. In fact, my benchmark for success was 100 books sold - total - for the whole series.

My father-in-law passed away about a year before I published Falling, and left each of his kids $2,000 to spend on fulfilling a dream. My husband gave me that money to use for Colin and Charlie. It was a very selfless gesture and one that means more to me than I can adequately express. Just so you know, $2,000 does not go very far in the self-publishing world. Anyway, I used a big chunk of the money to hire an editor and book cover designer for Falling. The original editor did a good job with what I gave her. Writing 88,000 words is not an easy task, and I had no clue what I was doing. All I had was the structure of the book that I wanted and firm grasp on the story. There isn't an editor on this planet that enjoys working with an author's first book.

From was already written. I released it less than three months after Falling without it being properly edited because frankly, I was out of cash. Business note: Amazon pays their authors sixty days out and the bank account was dry.

I used the profits from Falling and From to hire the editors that I'm currently using and adore.

That's a lot of rambling and behind the scenes info to explain Falling and From were in the condition that they were in because I didn't know what I didn't know and for financial reasons.

I've received bad reviews because of it, and more than one ugly email accusing me of poorly representing indie authors. I DID NOT have the books re-edited for those reasons. I did it because I believe when you know better, you should do better.

If you already own a copy of Falling and From, just delete them from your reader. Go to Amazon and download them again. There is no charge to do this. Once again, it's free to get updated copies of these books if you've already purchased them. If you do decide to read them again and haven't left a review, I would so appreciate you writing a few words on Amazon. Honestly, the only way to make it in this business is word of mouth (that's how the Infinity Series has made it this far). Your reviews mean everything to authors.

Thank you for your continued support. Honestly, every day I grab my Diet Coke and sit down at my desk filled with joy that I get to do what I love. I understand what a privilege this is and work hard to not to let you down.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"The World: According to Rachael" Teaser #3

"The World: According to Rachael" will be live on November 25. Here's your last teaser...

I melt, literally melt into him. This guy knows all the right words to say. Our lips and tongues begin a passionate dance. His reassuring arms around me tell me that he wants this as much as I do.
Before I can stop myself, my legs wrap around his waist, and his hands are firmly cupping my behind. This feels a bit like déjà vu. I pray that I’m not denied a third time.
His erection presses against my lace thong. What an erotic feeling it is. I grind my pelvis against his, picking up where we left off.
“You want this?” he asks in a deep voice that cracks a little at the end of his question.
“Yes,” I moan into his mouth.
We move upstairs as my hands rake through his hair, our lips never pausing. When we reach the top, I say, “Door to the left at the end of the hall.”
I don’t bother worrying about whether or not the sheets are clean on the bed, or if I brought down my water cup from last night. For the first time in a long time, I forget. I forget that I’m the White House Chief of Staff to the President of United States of America. I forget that in less than a year, I’m out of a job. I forget that I have to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’m just Rachael Early, desperately wanting to be with this man because I like him, and he likes me. There’s no agenda or social climbing. This feels like a real relationship, and damn, it is amazing.
He places me on my feet when we enter my room. I have no clue where my heels are, and I don’t care.
He stares at my dress as if it’s his mortal enemy.
I reach to the side and slide the zipper down.
“Ah . . . A hidden zipper, put there to confuse men.” He smirks as he pulls the dress over my head and unlatches my bra. A low, throaty moan escapes his lips as his eyes travel up and down my body.
I feel so exposed. I would normally wear a sexy piece of lingerie that hides the fact that my breasts never went through puberty. I’m on display. Vulnerable. Open. No man since Aiden has seen how flat my chest really is. Instantly, I want to grab for a blanket and cover myself. He must sense my panic because he grasps my hands in his. “You are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.” His eyes are hooded as they gaze upon me. I look down at the hard erection that is straining against his dress slacks. “You see that? That’s all because of you.”
I feel wanton and desirable. Two new emotions that I’ll add to the list.
Without a response, I launch myself at him. He catches me as I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his lips to mine. The sweetness in our passion is gone as the air becomes thick with lust. I want him to know how much his acceptance means to me.
He turns us around, and carefully lowers me onto my bed. I scramble to my knees, reaching up to remove his silver tie. It falls somewhere near my nightstand. I’m frenzied, wanting and needing this connection now.
He grabs my hands as I go for the buttons on his shirt.  His eyes glow with amusement. “This isn’t a race, beautiful girl. We have all night.” He turns my palms over and gently kisses the underside of each wrist.

I nod, and unbutton his shirt with care. 

To pre-order your copy

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"Falling Into Infinity" is FREE today only

Surprise! "Falling Into Infinity" is FREE today only. Why? Because I'm celebrating the re-release of the first two books of the Infinity Series. Last May, my editor began working her magic on the books. THE STORY HAS NOT CHANGED! If fact, you shouldn't notice any differences other than they read more smoothly. If you already own "Falling Into Infinity" and "From Now Until Infinity", delete them from your reading device and download them again from Amazon. If you haven't read the series, what are you waiting for?!?

Here is the reading order...

Falling Into Infinity (Book One of the Infinity Series)

 From Now Until Infinity (Book Two of the Infinity Series)

Finding Infinity (Book Three of the Infinity Series)

Aiden's Broken Heart (Infinity Series Short Story)

or read for FREE here.

Infinity. (Book Four of the Infinity Series)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"The World: According to Rachael" Teaser #2

Two weeks from today "The World: According to Rachael" will be live! Here's a little something to hold you over...

I don’t arrive home until after midnight. This is my norm; not an exception. I toss my briefcase and purse on a chair by the front door and head straight up the stairs to my bedroom. Briefly, I contemplate taking a shower, but my bed is screaming my name way too loudly.
Consulting the clock on my phone, I ponder what I should do about Graham’s phone call. We never made it official if I was to call him or him to call me. Is midnight too late to call? Growing up, my parents said the rule was eight o’clock. Does that still apply when you’re almost forty?
After a long internal debate, I decide to send a text.
Me: Just walked in the door. Call if you’re still awake.
My phone barely hits the quilt on my bed before it’s ringing. A huge smile breaks across my face as I scoop it up.
“Hi.” My voice sounds dreamy. I’m hopeless.
“Rachael.” God, the way he says my name takes my breath away. It’s not Rachael, one syllable, like most people say it. He turns it into a prayer; “Ray-ch-ellll.” Just a hint of Texas twang.
“How was your day?” he asks.
“Boring. Then gaudy flowers arrived, and it was great.”
He chuckles. “Glad to hear it.” His voice is as smooth as the bourbon I drank earlier in the evening.
“What are you still doing awake?” I ask. “Don’t you have to be at work in, like, six hours?”
“I do. But I could ask the same question of you.”
I’m still in workout clothes but I crawl under my quilt, turning off my lights, and snuggle into my pillow. “I don’t sleep much.”
“Me either,” he says as if he’s excited that he’s found another thing that we have in common. “Hold a second,” he instructs.
He must be speaking to the dog because he says, “Go get on your bed, boy. Good night.”
I’m not a huge fan of pets, especially in the house, but the level of endearment in his voice for his dog does funny things to my heart.
“Sorry about that. George gets all testy if he doesn’t get his night pets.”
“I’ve heard that it’s very important for dogs to get at least twelve hours of sleep a day.”
“Ha! If that’s the case then George will live forever. Sometimes I bring him to lacrosse practice so he can get more exercise. He’s pretty useless.” As he talks about George, and school, and coaching lacrosse, I find myself envious of his life. He sounds happy and passionate about what he does. He doesn’t have a countdown clock to when his career is over.
“So did you broker world peace today?” he asks.
“Hmm . . . Not world peace, per se. But the President and I did spend a good part of the evening discussing his priorities for his final year in office.” The words “final year” are hard to choke out.
I snuggle deeper into my thick mattress and pull my quilt up around my ears.
“I’ve heard that immigration reform might be a part of the agenda,” he says.
I give a rueful laugh. “You and all of Washington have heard that. Apparently, it’s the worst-kept secret in this town.”
“Want my opinion?” He sounds tentative.
I’m bone tired, but I can always discuss politics. “Sure.”
“I think the White House is going to have to address the issue. If it’s not President Jones, then it’s the next administration.” His words are like a knife in my heart. “Our country can’t afford to keep providing social services to illegal immigrants. Naturalize them so we can start collecting the revenue.”
 “Graham, that argument doesn’t make sense.” I sit up straighter in bed and prepare to defend my position. “The amount of taxes that we would collect from the new citizens does not come close to equaling what we pay out in social services. Plus, you’re giving the green light to millions of people that it’s okay to enter our country illegally.”
“Forget the economics. The financial models support my argument.” I swallow hard. “What this is really about is the safety and security of our citizens. There are health issues, like vaccinations, that must be addressed. And don’t get me started on border security and the smuggling of drugs and weapons into this country.”
His voice is strong. “So you agree with splitting up families when we send one or two illegal residents back to their home country, leaving the rest of the members here?”
“Wow. Don’t you sound like a bleeding heart liberal? They shouldn’t have entered the country here illegally in the first place.” I wrap one arm around my chest defiantly.
“Look. I don’t see that this issue has a one-size-fits-all approach to fixing it, and for the record, I’m not a liberal. What I do see as a solution is that if someone can prove that they’ve been working here in the U.S. for a defined period of time, and are in good standing with the law why not naturalize them. I mean, isn’t that how most of our ancestors started out here?” His voice rises as he finishes.
This is fun. I’m really enjoying our verbal sparring match, but it’s late. “Well, Coach Jackson. I see you can take the man out of politics, but not the politics out of the man. I say we table this discussion for tonight.”
He chuckles. “Fair enough.” Then, he changes the subject. “When can I see you again?””
“During the week is really hard for me. You see what time I get home. I don’t know. Let me check my calendar tomorrow, and I’ll text you.”
“You know I didn’t get much sleep last night because every time I closed my eyes I saw how gorgeous you were when you got lost in me.” Graham drops that little grenade out there.
At just the reminder of our heated make-out session, my body flushes. “It was a nice kiss . . .”
 “Oh, Rachael, there wasn’t anything nice about it. It was dirty in the best kind of way.” When he delivers this line, albeit a very good line, his voice drops a couple of octaves. I want to climb through the airwaves and kiss him again. I have to remind myself that we just met, and I am getting more comfortable with the idea that this may be more than sexual. But right now, as turned on as I am, my body is not very pleased with this waiting-and-getting-to-know-each-other nonsense.
“Are you in bed?”
“Yes. Are you in bed also?”
“I am.”
“What are you wearing?” he asks, and then quickly corrects himself. “No. Don’t tell me. I’ll just spend another night not sleeping.” After a pause, he adds, “I think we’re going to need to speed up this getting-to-know-each-other business.”
I giggle—yes! Giggle. My thoughts exactly, Graham. “First thing in the morning, I’ll check my calendar.”

“You do that. Now, let’s watch something on TV that’s very PG.”

"The World: According to Rachael" is live on November 25. You can pre-order it now at

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Halloween Treat! Preview Of "The World: According to Rachael"

Happy Halloween! Here's a little treat - no tricks. This is your first The World: According to Rachael teaser. Enjoy!

“Let’s be clear,” I say as my way of a greeting as I slide into the backseat of the black government-owned car waiting outside my townhome. “If your hand so much as brushes across my behind again, I’ll use my five-inch spiked heel and will drive it into your big toe with the intention of snapping the bone. Got it?”
Roan Perez nods as a small smile curls his full lips. “I love it when you’re feisty. Gives me a preview of what I’ll get to tame when you finally let me in those sexy panties I’m sure that you’re wearing.”
I all but hug the passenger door. “You’re an asshole.” I turn and spit in his direction, “I’d rather forgo sex with another human being for the rest of my life than let you near my panties.”
That’s not entirely true. I hate Roan Perez, but my dating life is non-existent. I’ve toyed with the idea of making Roan my next “let’s just have sex, no strings attached” relationship. No, not relationship. That implies that it could possibly lead to something more, which will happen when pigs fly. One-night stand? No. That has more of a passionate, I-want-you-now connotation. Mutual exchange of orgasms? Yes. That’s the right term. I should add the word “planned” in front. So I’ve considered a planned mutual exchange of orgasms with Roan.
Roan Perez was fortunate enough to be born at just the right planetary alignment so that he is able to spew nonsense, but the rest of the world only hears pure genius. It’s seriously a gift that the guy has. He built the most successful Hispanic-targeted advertising agency in the country. By the way, the only thing Hispanic about him is his last name, from a stepfather who adopted him when he was five. Every Fortune 100 company is mentioned on his About Us page on his Web site. Five years ago, he sold his share in the agency to his partners and started a Hispanic affairs consulting group here in D.C. Unfortunately, it seems that his gift is in high demand. Every candidate who desires to dip their big toe in politics is after two untapped demographicsthe Hispanic vote, and voters under the age of thirty.
“An asshole that your boss respects,” he says with a satisfied shrug. “We look good together . . . Even Page Six thinks so.”
My boss seems to believe that Roan will be able to sell his immigration reform plan to not only congress, but also the American people. We’re placing a lot of stock in this yahoo.
Why am I sitting in a government-owned town car in a black cocktail dress with the biggest jerk on the planet? It’s simple. Politics. Roan is consistently on the Most Eligible Bachelor list and the Most Influential list, and meetings with his consulting firm are considered golden tickets. This is Washington, people. Nothing, and I do mean nothing is done without an ulterior motive.
I despise the man, but we use each other frequently for photo-opp purposes at nonsense events, such as the one that we’re headed to now. It looks good for the White House to be consulting with such an influential man. Roan’s credibility and hourly rate is boosted when he mentions that he has the White House’s ear. It’s a win/win situation for everyone involved, except for me, who has to deal with his arrogance.
“Here’s the scoop,” I say clutching my black beaded bag as if it could be used as a weapon. “We’re going to hold hands as we walk the red carpet. We’ll do the standard posing business. You’ll keep your hand on my back, not my ass, got it?” I glare at him.
The bastard just smirks, one eyebrow raised toward his perfectly-coiffed hair.
“We’ll walk inside and pose for a few pictures with the new exhibit. I have plans at nine o’clock at the White House, so don’t expect me to hang on your arm all night long like one of your sluts.”
“What plans?” His eyes brighten and I know that it’s because he has a glimmer of hope that he might be able to score a social invite to hang out with the President.
I’m kicking myself for even saying anything. “Plans that don’t include you,” I reply tartly.
“You’re the White House Chief of Staff. Score me an invite, Rach . . .” he says in a goading voice as he leers toward me.
Fortunately, we arrive at the Smithsonian, which ends this conversation. I slip my game face on and wait for the car door to swing open. Roan steps out first, buttoning his black suit jacket, and I get an unguarded moment to admire the beauty of the man.
He’s in his mid-forties with milk-chocolate salt-and-peppered hair, and eyes that can only be described as aquamarine. Roan is always clean-shaven and impeccably dressed. It’s such a shame that his beautiful outside is matched only by his ugly insides, but he does have a nice bulge in his pants. Probably a pair of socks.
He reaches for my hand, and I offer it to him. With the grace and charm of a suave lover, he helps me out of the vehicle, giving a wave to the reporters.
His palm rests just where I asked it to stay as we make our way along the red carpet.
The Vice-President was supposed to be in attendance to dedicate the new Smithsonian Exhibit this evening, but a campaign opportunity arose, so he asked me to cover for him. Just another day doing my job.
Roan and I stop in front of the backdrop and pose while the cameras snap away. Like the pros that we are, we turn in different directions, making sure that the photographers get every angle. Right before Roan steps out of the shot so I can be photographed solo, he leans in and whispers in my ear, “Your hot little ass will look gorgeous laid out underneath me on my white sheets.” Then, he discreetly runs his tongue over the shell of my ear.
Goose bumps plague my arms at his dirty words. I loathe Roan as a human being, but there isn’t a girl in the world that can tell her body not to respond to his charisma.
I’m sure that the photographers got a great candid shot of my shocked face.
There are so many things that I should say to him as we make our way into the museum. I war between taking him up on his offerbecause let’s face facts, my sex life is nonexistentand telling him that his little stunt has earned him banishment as my date ever again.
What do I do? Nothing. I just silently allow him to escort me into the museum where we are both thankfully bombarded with guests attending the function. I am not forced to discuss his transgression, and fortunately, we’re able to separate.
I turn my attention to my reason for being herenetworking on behalf of the President. Time passes quickly, and I don’t see Roan again until he’s sneaking off with one of the waitresses who appears to have been hired for her large assets rather than her drink-passing skills. She has already spilled a tray of crab cakes, and dumped a soda in some poor guy’s lap.
I make my speech about the President’s commitment to preserving our nation’s history, pose for pictures with an oversized red ribbon, and ceremonially hold a gigantic pair of silver scissors that are larger than I am. The curtain falls as the guests begin to move in closer for a better look.
That’s my cue to slip out. Lou, the Secret Service agent assigned to me, knows the drill. I lock eyes with him. He moves through the crowd and escorts me to the waiting town car. Roan will find his own way home, probably with the waitress in tow. He’s one of the many unfortunate bullet points of my job description.
The Smithsonian is not too far from the White House. If I didn’t have on ridiculously high heels, I would suggest that Lou and I walk. It’s unseasonably warm in D.C. for the beginning of November, and it happens to be a lovely, clear night. 
Lou drops me off at the employee entrance, and I head straight for my office to change out of this constrictive cocktail dress and into my casual clothes, which are much more appropriate for this evening. On Friday, I’d left a pair of jeans, a green sweater, and brown leather boots inside the closet in my office suite.
Opening the door, I grab my duffle bag, and carry it into the bathroom that’s attached to my office. Quickly, I remove my clothes from the bag and lay them out on the countertop by the sink.
Next, I kick off my heels. One of the black weapons lands near the door. The other one hits the wall. I fantasize for just a brief moment how it would feel to break Roan’s toe as punishment for his red carpet transgressions. I’d get to watch him walk with a limp. That’s sick, Rachael. Stop it. I shake my head to clear the ugly thoughts, and focus on getting dressed for an evening with the First Family.
This gorgeous cocktail dress has an unfortunate closure, but because I live alone, I’ve mastered the art of contorting my body so I can zip and unzip my own dresses. In fact, the few times that I do get to watch a movie or TV show and the main character asks her partner to unzip her dress, I almost gag. In the real world, us single girls list that as a survival skill.
I hang the dress on a wooden hanger that I keep in my bathroom for just such occasions, and place my sleek weapons/heels in the duffle bag. I enter a reminder in my phone to grab the dress and shoes on my way home tonight. The dress is on loan from a boutique. It’s important that it is returned in a timely manner so they’ll let me borrow another formal dress for my next event.
I do a quick check in the mirror to make sure that I look presentable. My platinum-blond hair is still in a severe knot at the nape of my neck, and I have on too much makeup for my casual outfit, but it will just have to do.
I exit my home-away-from-home, and make my way through the White House. This is a very familiar walk for me.
“Good evening, ma’am,” Samuel says as I near the double doors he’s guarding. I like him. He’s about the size of a house, poker-faced, and does his jobwell. That’s a huge positive in my eyes. Finding people who are good at what they do is a rarity.
“Samuel.” I nod in his direction as I stop in front of the entrance to the First Family’s private living quarters. “The President and First Lady are expecting me.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he confirms as he double-checks the typed list. “Just a moment. There’s another guest who’ll be here shortly.”
“Oh, okay,” I reply a bit perplexed. I’m not usually kept waiting. Glancing at my watch, I note that I’m right on timenine o’clock.
“Hi,” a confused male voice says behind me. “Is this where I’m supposed to be? This place is a maze.”
“Graham Jackson?” Samuel asks.
“Yes,” the voice replies.
The smell of Ivory soap with a hint of woodsy cologne causes me to turn my head just enough to check out the man entering my peripheral vision.
This guy is way too pretty.
He offers me his hand when he arrives at the double doors. “Graham Jackson. I’m Drake’s lacrosse coach and history teacher.” He looks like he should be starring on some contrived soap opera instead of teaching and coaching high school kids. He’s wearing dark jeans that appear to have been painted on his body. I might actually see the outline of his thigh muscles. His white, tucked-in Brooks Brothers polo accentuates his dark olive complexion. His wavy mahogany hair falls nicely against his prominent cheekbones, and shows off his strong jaw. He’s maybe in his early thirties, or he could be in his late twenties.
But then he smiles. His clear blue eyes light up, and one single dimple appears under his right eye. Is this guy for real? Something that I’ve learned in my thirty-eight years on this planet is if they’re pretty, they’re either gay or way too high maintenance for my taste.
“Rachael Early, White House Chief of Staff,” I reply as I shake his hand. I bet all his female students have had at least one wet dream starring their history teacher.
“I know,” he says with a shy smile and a dip of his chin. “I watch and read the news. You’re better looking in person.”
For some reason, I find his comment, or maybe it’s how he delivers it, disarming, and I laugh. “Usually, I hear, ‘I thought you were taller.’ I’ll definitely take better looking.” I change the subject off of my appearance. “You here for fight night?”
“I am.” He nods. “Drake invited me after we started talking about MMA versus boxing at practice.”

Samuel interrupts, “You can enter now.” He opens the heavy doorprobably not heavy for himallowing us access to the First Family.

The World: According to Rachael will be available on Amazon Tuesday, November 25. You can pre-order it now at

Monday, September 15, 2014

More about "The World: According to Rachael."

It does exist! In fact, it even has a description and a cover. "The World: According to Rachael" will be available in November. I do not have an exact release date yet. Here's a little something to tide you over.

A heartbeat away from the presidency is where White House Chief of Staff Rachael Early spends almost every waking minute of every day. She’s sacrificed everything to be in this position including her chance at having a family, or so she thinks. But, if you ask her, all of her dreams have come true. Graham Jackson is a teacher and coach at the president’s son’s school. Graham met Rachael when he was a staffer during the campaign – a chance meeting that Rachael does not remember. However, her rally speech inspired the next seven years of his career. They’re pushed together by the First Family. Rachael’s world shifts on its axis, and she is left to figure out her new future. What happens next is a journey of self-discovery, learning how to be a partner in a relationship, and redefining what it means to have it all.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The World: According to Rachael

I've been working on this post for a week... Ugh! Hitting publish sucks. Here it goes...

I have good news and bad news depending on your perspective. Here's the God's honest truth. I love Rachael's story, and I think you guys will also. However, I've delayed publishing it until closer to Christmas. Here are my reasons why.

I'm an indie author. I love that I can write or rewrite or do whatever I want on my time schedule. Rachael's book is finished, but after reading it multiple times, I think that the story is lacking. I had worried myself to the point that I really began to despise my computer. I didn't want to be faced with a story that I felt was a regurgitated fairy tale. I came to that conclusion after spending another night dreading having to read it. 

So, I did something that it very uncharacteristic for me. I emailed my editor and told her to give my spot on her calendar away. In my everyday life, I am very dependable - never late - even to the point that I drive my family crazy. After a lot of soul searching, I've come to the conclusion that I would be letting you down more by delivering a story that I wasn't obsessed with as opposed to pushing the date and giving you a bad ass book.

I'm reworking Rachael's story, and I am beyond excited with her and Graham's "new" life. Here are my character notes:

Rachael Early: Arguably the most powerful woman in the Untied States.  She's bold, tough, driven, intelligent, and charismatic. On the flip side, she's also given up her entire life to achieve her success. Before the age of 40, she's faced with the question "has she peaked professionally in her 30's? Now what?" She lives alone in a house that she rents with the same furniture that she had when she was in her early 20's. Rachael has one close friend, Charlie from the Infinity Series. Her parents are successful in their own right, and she doesn't have a close relationship with them. Her self worth is defined completely by her job title.

Graham Jackson: Disillusioned with Washington DC politics, but not willing to move home, he accepts a job as a teacher and coach at a local high school. He's a good guy - the kind of guy that accepts people for who they are. He's incredibly likable and is still close friends with guys from his fraternity. He challenges Rachael and forces her out of her comfort zone, but he does it in way that's supportive and caring. He comes from a very strong family. Graham has a dog named George. However, Graham must keep part of who and what he does for a living a secret from Rachael. This is the crux of the story.

You're probably asking yourself why the new version of the book is so much better. Here's why. I decided to really develop Graham's character. I like the guy. I think that he's the perfect complement to Rachael. I also have added more story with minor characters in the book. I must say that I haven't read anything to compare it to in the contemporary romance genre, and that excites me. 

In the end, I hope that you will forgive me for postponing the release of the book. I hope that your trust in me is not broken. Ultimately, I hope that you will love Rachael's book so much that you'll applaud my decision.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Colin McKinney T-Shirt

I tried offering a shirt previously, and for numerous reasons not enough were sold. However, I've received a ton of request to try again. So... 20 shirts have to be ordered to make it happen. The offer expires in seven days. Football season is just around the corner! Ready... Set... Go...



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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review Giveaway!

Reviews are an indie author's life blood. Here's the deal. I have 398 total reviews of all five books on Amazon. I would love to get to 500 before June 8 which is my one year published anniversary. Here's a little something as my way of thanking you for your reviews... 

First prize is a $50.00 gift card to Amazon. 

Second place is a complete set of the Infinity Series signed by yours truly.

Third place are three signed copies of "Infinity."

There are a total of five prizes. Here's how you enter. Please comment on this post when you've left a review on Amazon, or you can leave a comment on my Facebook page ( Use one comment per review so if you leave a review of each book, you'll have five chances to win. Contest ends when I reach 500 reviews. Thanks y'all. I really appreciate it 

Falling Into Infinity:

From Now Until Infinity:

Finding Infinity:

Aiden's Broken Heart:


Friday, May 30, 2014

Readers' Favorite Part from "Finding Infinity."

A little insight into me... Once I hit publish, I do not read my books again. 
So I keep getting messages from readers telling me about their favorite parts. The most common one mentioned is in "Finding Infinity" where Colin has to give a sperm sample. I broke my rule and went back and read it. Damn... It is funny and hot! Here's the scene if you've forgotten.  

After Doctor Starr leaves to see another patient, I fall back in my chair, running my hands through my hair. “I’m so fucking sorry. It never occurred to me that my ex-wife didn’t get pregnant. I just thought God was doing me a favor.” The weight that’s been sitting on my chest since my accident has become crushing. I can’t believe this. This is me. I’m broken. Why didn’t I see it before? God, why have I dragged Charlie into this mess? She deserves a baby.
“Look, Colin. That’s why we’re here. It probably means nothing. Stop it. Quit beating yourself up. We’re probably just going to be told that we need to keep trying. But, we’ll never know if you don’t go make love to yourself while you watch a bad porno.” She smiles.
“Fuck the porno,” I say, trying to make myself feel better. “I’m going to beat off to us making love on the sun lounger by the pool.”
“Colin, we’ve never had sex on the sun lounger?” she lifts her eyebrows in confusion.
I shoot her my half smile. “It’s called a fantasy, darlin’.”
The nurse opens the door, and I slip the cup in my shorts pocket. I need two hands to crutch to the “special” room.
Charlie goes to the waiting room while I follow the nurse. She shows me how to work the DVD player, and introduces me to the porn library. The titles are so amazingly bad that I’m half tempted to snap a couple of pictures of the covers, and buy them for Aiden for Christmas. There’s even a gay porn. I could buy it for Brad. Even he would be appalled—I hope.
When the nurse is done giving me instructions, she leaves me alone in the room. I take the lid off the spooge cup and stare at it. If they’d just let Charlie suck me off for thirty seconds, then we could be done. I wonder if I could maybe sneak her back, but I know that she’d never go against doctor protocol.
I pull my pants down and look at my dick. For once, it’s not hard. I try to get comfortable on the plastic covered couch, and picture things that normally get me hard: Charlie’s lips, Charlie’s hair, Charlie’s lavender eyes.
Nope. Nothing. My dick knows that it’s showtime, and he’s apparently gun-shy. I pick my dick up and then drop it, watching it flop to the left. “Look, I get it,” I say staring at my flaccid cock. “We’d both rather fuck Charlie than my hand, but we don’t have a choice. We’ve got to perform on command, now.” Fucking great! My dick and I are now having a conversation.
I try to relax, but it’s so absurdly awkward. I can hear muffled voices outside the door. I feel like a wanker or a pervert in here, staring at the porn collection.
I force my body to relax by rolling my shoulders and attempting to do some visualization exercises. I go into game day mode. I think about my girl, sitting in the waiting room. I think about seeing her for the first time when the elevator doors opened at the hotel in Los Angeles. She had on a fucking lavender dress, like God was giving me a sign that she’d be mine again. Then, I think of the kiss in Clay’s trophy room. How I wanted to lay her out on the pool table and just stare at her curvier body. Her tits. My beautiful girl’s tits are perfect. Perfect for my hands. Made for my mouth. She’s everything that I want, and a lot that I didn’t even know I needed.
I wrap my hand around my cock and begin to stoke it, up and down. I picture Charlie and me making love in the college chair in our bedroom. I stop pumping my dick, and begin to massage my balls. I picture my cold empty house that she’s filled up. I see her pinching her nipples, and bringing them to hard points. Then I see her running her finger along her beautiful pussy folds. And how there’s a wet sheen that covers the inside of her thighs.
That’s doing it. My dick remembers all of it, and totally forgets we’re in a doctor’s office.
I start stoking my cock back and forth again, as I picture her straddling my lap and sliding her hot, wet pussy on my dick. I see how her tits bounce up and down as she rides me, throwing her head back in ecstasy that she’s feeling because of me. How her caramel hair brushes against my thighs when she throws her head back in pleasure.
I feel my balls pull up tightly. I pump harder and squeeze my dick while I remember how it feels when her pussy grabs my cock just before she floods me with her sweetness.
“Oh, fuck,” I moan. I grab the cup sitting next to me.
I see Charlie’s beautiful face when she’s almost there, and then I picture her leaning forward and fucking my mouth with her tongue as she comes. I can almost feel her sucking my tongue and biting my lips. It’s the hottest fucking mouth on the planet and it’s my girls.
My abs tighten with every spurt of cum that I shoot in the plastic cup.
That wasn’t so hard, was it, dick?
I lean back against the sofa after I’m done and mentally try to get myself back together. I’m going to have to remember all of that for the next time I have to be away from her. Fuck, that was powerful.
I quickly twist the top shut on the cup, and use the bathroom inside the room to clean myself up. I have to get a paper towel and wipe my face. I’m covered in a thin layer of sweat.
I mentally give my boys a pep talk. Swim perfectly for the nice doctor. And then, I slide my sample into the cut-out in the wall that the nurse directed me to.
We’ve got an hour to kill, and I know exactly what we should do. We should go christen Charlie’s car, because all that jack-off session did was make me hornier.
When we’re alone in the elevator, I attack her. I open her lips with my tongue, and begin making love to her mouth. She responds back just as forcefully. She always does; we were made for each other.
The ding of the elevator tells us that we’ve reached the lobby way too soon. She pulls away first, and begins straightening her shirt and smoothing her hair. I just smile, and look down at my cock that’s at full attention against my zipper.
Charlie smirks. “When isn’t it hard?”
            I don’t tell her about my almost problem in the spooge room. Think I’ll keep that story to myself. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Paperback Books Are Now Available

I'm taking orders for signed paperback copies of the Infinity Series. Please email me at with the name of the book that you want, your mailing address, and who you would like the book signed to. For US residents only, the books are $12.99. That includes shipping. If you're outside the US, no problem. I'll just work with you individually on the cost of shipping.

Monday, May 5, 2014


After I hit "publish" on a book, I immediately submerge myself into writing the next book. I don't check my book rankings, and I peek only once-a-day at my sales. Here's why... You'll either love what I've created or hate it. Either way, there's not much I can do once my books are live. In order not to lose my mind, I've had to make peace that if I love what I've created then that's all that ultimately matters.

With that being said, I do read every review that you write. If you're willing to take the time out of your day to comment on my work, then it deserves to be read. Although, I don't always agree, I respect your opinions.

The past ten months have been such an incredible journey. I mean, no one was actually supposed to read what I had written. It was a check on my bucket list. To hear that my words have inspired you to try again on your marriage, made you fall back in love with reading, encouraged you to seek out your long lost love, and my favorite - inspired you to write your own books, are the greatest encouragement to keep writing that you could give me.

Today, I checked my book rankings on Amazon. Wow! All four books in the Infinity Series are in the top 900 paid in the Kindle Store. There are not adequate words to express how much this means to me. This is because you've shared Colin and Charlie with others. I love that my series proves that indie authors are still relevant in the publishing world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Infinity." FAQ's

Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages and questions. Infinity. has been live a week tomorrow so I thought I would address some of the most common questions that I've received.

1. Will you ever get around to putting out print versions of Finding Infinity and Infinity.?
Yes! I decided to focus on what I do best which is not format books. I hired Jason, who's an Aussie, to make them pretty for me. Everyone in my house is pleased with my decision :-) I should have books in two weeks. If you'd like to buy them from me, I'll write you a message inside. If you could care less about my horrible penmanship, they'll be available through Amazon.

2. Are you going to write about Ainsley and Royce's relationship?
This question has shocked me. I never meant for the ending to come across as a teaser. I've been accused of having the book end on a cliffhanger. If I left you with that feeling, I'm so sorry. No intentional cliffhanger... I promise. Here's the honest to God truth. I loved the idea of the book ending with Ainsley beginning her relationship in a very similar way to how "Falling Into Infinity" began. I was playing with the concept of Infinity. I haven't given Ainsley and Royce's story much thought. As I've learned, never say never, but their relationship is not on my writing calendar.

3. Which part do you still laugh at even though you wrote it and have read it to the point that you can recite it like the Pledge of Allegiance?
Just typing this, I'm smiling. I love the scene where Colin is going through fast food row to get Charlie her pregnant food cravings. I read a book when I was pregnant called, "Pregnancy Sucks for Men" by Joanne Kimes. I thought, "Wow! It really does." Anyway, since I envisioned Colin becoming a dad, that scene has always been present. I hope that I communicated just how funny it was to me in my own head.

4. You write FICTION why can't your characters be more fairy tale like?
This is the biggest criticism that I receive. Here's how I think about the answer. One of my all-time favorite songs is "99 Problems." I have every version of the song that I can get my hands on. You name it... I have performances from singing competitions to artists' covers. Seriously, I have a YouTube channel dedicated to it. Do I have a favorite version of the song? Yes. However, I appreciate anyone who tackles the song and puts their own spin on it. The message is the same. The difference is how it's delivered.

Example: Here are three different ways that I can write about the first five minutes of my morning.

Version One: The morning sunlight filters through my shut eyes before my body takes notice that it's indeed time to get out of bed. As if I needed another clue, the shrill voices of my children pierce my otherwise peaceful room. Apparently, today's the day that they are going to death match to see who chooses the morning cartoon. Don't they know that I have a hundred things on my to-do list today? I like to wake up and lie in bed for a few minutes with no one bothering me. This is my time to think about what I need to get accomplished, and prepare myself to be in a good mood. "Damn!" I mumble through my scratchy morning voice. "This is a terrible way to begin my day.

Version Two: She was buried deeply underneath the yellow summer duvet - probably sleeping on her side. However, it was hard to tell because the blanket was piled so thickly - smothering her. It wasn't possible to make out a body form. Her hair was splayed in a fan like shape on the white pillow. The sunlight or maybe the sound of the children awakening caused her to stir - eyelids fluttering before they eventually opened. The kids' voices reached a fever pitch as they fought over the television remote. "Damn!" she mumbled, sounding as if she had swallowed glass. "This is a terrible way to begin my day.

Version Three: The birds were singing a song that only they knew. The sun filtered through the trees and cascaded the bedroom in shades of yellow light. It appeared to be subtly attempting to awaken the sleeping family. The mother's eyes opened and her face did not look as serene as it should emerging from a deep sleep. It could have been the children fighting over the television in the next room or perhaps she's just not a morning person. As the voices of the kids grew louder, the mother mumbled, "Damn! This is a terrible way to begin my day."

I prefer version one because I can definitely share more about the character. The reader has a much better idea of what's going on in my head then the other two versions. This is my style. There's nothing wrong with the other two versions. In version two you find out more about how I look when I sleep (okay! That creeped me out). In version three, you discover more about my environment. To each their own. It's what makes the world go around.

In my humble opinion, it's much harder to write the first version with a fairy tale like spin. Just think of all the thoughts that pass through your head on a daily basis that you don't say out loud. Eek!

5. Why is Charlie a professor instead of a doctor?
I love this question. It means you have really gotten my story. The underlying theme of the series has been finding the balance between careers and family. Some call Charlie selfish. I understand completely why she comes off that way. When she was in early 20's she chose Harvard Medical School over Colin. For the record, I don't see this as a selfish move. I can debate this point for hours and have over a bottle of wine with a good friend. We ultimately agreed to disagree. However, I couldn't have Colin walking away from his career, and Charlie not compromising at all. I think her growth through the books has demonstrated that she got on board (maybe a little later) with Colin to put their relationship/family first. Plus, I didn't see Charlie being happy as a small town doctor. I think being a research professor is perfect for her. She's using her degree while still being a mom. I also love that her and Colin carpool. Maybe she's gotten through to him about his environmental abuse? Probably not :-)

6. Will you ever offer Infinity Series SWAG?
Probably not. However, a reader designed this shirt, and asked me to try to talk 30 of you into purchasing one. I think it's pretty cute, and I purchased one for myself. Here's the link

Keep the questions coming...