Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Versions of "Falling Into Infinity" and "From Now Until Infinity"

I'm a self promotion nightmare. I just realized that some of you probably missed the news on the Infinity Series. To make a long complicated story as short as possible, I had Falling Into Infinity and From Now Until Infinity re-edited.

What does that mean? Well, here's the scoop. THE STORY HAS NOT CHANGED! In fact, both the grammar editor and the last pass editor took great care to make sure that the story and original writing were preserved as much as possible. We fixed typos, grammar and cleaned up sentences that didn't quite make sense. I even left some time line inconsistencies which I really, really wanted to fix. If you read the books again, the only thing that you should notice is a smoother read.

I've received messages asking if I've added new details or included new scenes. The answer to the "new scenes" is absolutely not. You might stumble across something that you missed the first time, but I promise that it's not new. The answer to the question about adding details is a fuzzy answer. Yes. Some details have been added, but they are used to paint a scene more clearly in the reader's mind. They aren't changing the intent of the scene. My goal is for you not to be able to find those new details.

I want to properly explain why I did this. Those that have been following me since the beginning know this story. I apologize for repeating it. The Infinity Series was always four books. The series was first written in my head and featured in creative writing assignments when I was in school. I actually put the story down on paper many times before I got the courage to commit to the full four books. When I hit publish on Falling is was to complete a bucket list item. It never occurred to me that anyone would actually buy a copy. In fact, my benchmark for success was 100 books sold - total - for the whole series.

My father-in-law passed away about a year before I published Falling, and left each of his kids $2,000 to spend on fulfilling a dream. My husband gave me that money to use for Colin and Charlie. It was a very selfless gesture and one that means more to me than I can adequately express. Just so you know, $2,000 does not go very far in the self-publishing world. Anyway, I used a big chunk of the money to hire an editor and book cover designer for Falling. The original editor did a good job with what I gave her. Writing 88,000 words is not an easy task, and I had no clue what I was doing. All I had was the structure of the book that I wanted and firm grasp on the story. There isn't an editor on this planet that enjoys working with an author's first book.

From was already written. I released it less than three months after Falling without it being properly edited because frankly, I was out of cash. Business note: Amazon pays their authors sixty days out and the bank account was dry.

I used the profits from Falling and From to hire the editors that I'm currently using and adore.

That's a lot of rambling and behind the scenes info to explain Falling and From were in the condition that they were in because I didn't know what I didn't know and for financial reasons.

I've received bad reviews because of it, and more than one ugly email accusing me of poorly representing indie authors. I DID NOT have the books re-edited for those reasons. I did it because I believe when you know better, you should do better.

If you already own a copy of Falling and From, just delete them from your reader. Go to Amazon and download them again. There is no charge to do this. Once again, it's free to get updated copies of these books if you've already purchased them. If you do decide to read them again and haven't left a review, I would so appreciate you writing a few words on Amazon. Honestly, the only way to make it in this business is word of mouth (that's how the Infinity Series has made it this far). Your reviews mean everything to authors.

Thank you for your continued support. Honestly, every day I grab my Diet Coke and sit down at my desk filled with joy that I get to do what I love. I understand what a privilege this is and work hard to not to let you down.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"The World: According to Rachael" Teaser #3

"The World: According to Rachael" will be live on November 25. Here's your last teaser...

I melt, literally melt into him. This guy knows all the right words to say. Our lips and tongues begin a passionate dance. His reassuring arms around me tell me that he wants this as much as I do.
Before I can stop myself, my legs wrap around his waist, and his hands are firmly cupping my behind. This feels a bit like déjà vu. I pray that I’m not denied a third time.
His erection presses against my lace thong. What an erotic feeling it is. I grind my pelvis against his, picking up where we left off.
“You want this?” he asks in a deep voice that cracks a little at the end of his question.
“Yes,” I moan into his mouth.
We move upstairs as my hands rake through his hair, our lips never pausing. When we reach the top, I say, “Door to the left at the end of the hall.”
I don’t bother worrying about whether or not the sheets are clean on the bed, or if I brought down my water cup from last night. For the first time in a long time, I forget. I forget that I’m the White House Chief of Staff to the President of United States of America. I forget that in less than a year, I’m out of a job. I forget that I have to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’m just Rachael Early, desperately wanting to be with this man because I like him, and he likes me. There’s no agenda or social climbing. This feels like a real relationship, and damn, it is amazing.
He places me on my feet when we enter my room. I have no clue where my heels are, and I don’t care.
He stares at my dress as if it’s his mortal enemy.
I reach to the side and slide the zipper down.
“Ah . . . A hidden zipper, put there to confuse men.” He smirks as he pulls the dress over my head and unlatches my bra. A low, throaty moan escapes his lips as his eyes travel up and down my body.
I feel so exposed. I would normally wear a sexy piece of lingerie that hides the fact that my breasts never went through puberty. I’m on display. Vulnerable. Open. No man since Aiden has seen how flat my chest really is. Instantly, I want to grab for a blanket and cover myself. He must sense my panic because he grasps my hands in his. “You are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.” His eyes are hooded as they gaze upon me. I look down at the hard erection that is straining against his dress slacks. “You see that? That’s all because of you.”
I feel wanton and desirable. Two new emotions that I’ll add to the list.
Without a response, I launch myself at him. He catches me as I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his lips to mine. The sweetness in our passion is gone as the air becomes thick with lust. I want him to know how much his acceptance means to me.
He turns us around, and carefully lowers me onto my bed. I scramble to my knees, reaching up to remove his silver tie. It falls somewhere near my nightstand. I’m frenzied, wanting and needing this connection now.
He grabs my hands as I go for the buttons on his shirt.  His eyes glow with amusement. “This isn’t a race, beautiful girl. We have all night.” He turns my palms over and gently kisses the underside of each wrist.

I nod, and unbutton his shirt with care. 

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Friday, November 14, 2014

"Falling Into Infinity" is FREE today only

Surprise! "Falling Into Infinity" is FREE today only. Why? Because I'm celebrating the re-release of the first two books of the Infinity Series. Last May, my editor began working her magic on the books. THE STORY HAS NOT CHANGED! If fact, you shouldn't notice any differences other than they read more smoothly. If you already own "Falling Into Infinity" and "From Now Until Infinity", delete them from your reading device and download them again from Amazon. If you haven't read the series, what are you waiting for?!?

Here is the reading order...

Falling Into Infinity (Book One of the Infinity Series)

 From Now Until Infinity (Book Two of the Infinity Series)

Finding Infinity (Book Three of the Infinity Series)

Aiden's Broken Heart (Infinity Series Short Story)

or read for FREE here.

Infinity. (Book Four of the Infinity Series)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"The World: According to Rachael" Teaser #2

Two weeks from today "The World: According to Rachael" will be live! Here's a little something to hold you over...

I don’t arrive home until after midnight. This is my norm; not an exception. I toss my briefcase and purse on a chair by the front door and head straight up the stairs to my bedroom. Briefly, I contemplate taking a shower, but my bed is screaming my name way too loudly.
Consulting the clock on my phone, I ponder what I should do about Graham’s phone call. We never made it official if I was to call him or him to call me. Is midnight too late to call? Growing up, my parents said the rule was eight o’clock. Does that still apply when you’re almost forty?
After a long internal debate, I decide to send a text.
Me: Just walked in the door. Call if you’re still awake.
My phone barely hits the quilt on my bed before it’s ringing. A huge smile breaks across my face as I scoop it up.
“Hi.” My voice sounds dreamy. I’m hopeless.
“Rachael.” God, the way he says my name takes my breath away. It’s not Rachael, one syllable, like most people say it. He turns it into a prayer; “Ray-ch-ellll.” Just a hint of Texas twang.
“How was your day?” he asks.
“Boring. Then gaudy flowers arrived, and it was great.”
He chuckles. “Glad to hear it.” His voice is as smooth as the bourbon I drank earlier in the evening.
“What are you still doing awake?” I ask. “Don’t you have to be at work in, like, six hours?”
“I do. But I could ask the same question of you.”
I’m still in workout clothes but I crawl under my quilt, turning off my lights, and snuggle into my pillow. “I don’t sleep much.”
“Me either,” he says as if he’s excited that he’s found another thing that we have in common. “Hold a second,” he instructs.
He must be speaking to the dog because he says, “Go get on your bed, boy. Good night.”
I’m not a huge fan of pets, especially in the house, but the level of endearment in his voice for his dog does funny things to my heart.
“Sorry about that. George gets all testy if he doesn’t get his night pets.”
“I’ve heard that it’s very important for dogs to get at least twelve hours of sleep a day.”
“Ha! If that’s the case then George will live forever. Sometimes I bring him to lacrosse practice so he can get more exercise. He’s pretty useless.” As he talks about George, and school, and coaching lacrosse, I find myself envious of his life. He sounds happy and passionate about what he does. He doesn’t have a countdown clock to when his career is over.
“So did you broker world peace today?” he asks.
“Hmm . . . Not world peace, per se. But the President and I did spend a good part of the evening discussing his priorities for his final year in office.” The words “final year” are hard to choke out.
I snuggle deeper into my thick mattress and pull my quilt up around my ears.
“I’ve heard that immigration reform might be a part of the agenda,” he says.
I give a rueful laugh. “You and all of Washington have heard that. Apparently, it’s the worst-kept secret in this town.”
“Want my opinion?” He sounds tentative.
I’m bone tired, but I can always discuss politics. “Sure.”
“I think the White House is going to have to address the issue. If it’s not President Jones, then it’s the next administration.” His words are like a knife in my heart. “Our country can’t afford to keep providing social services to illegal immigrants. Naturalize them so we can start collecting the revenue.”
 “Graham, that argument doesn’t make sense.” I sit up straighter in bed and prepare to defend my position. “The amount of taxes that we would collect from the new citizens does not come close to equaling what we pay out in social services. Plus, you’re giving the green light to millions of people that it’s okay to enter our country illegally.”
“Forget the economics. The financial models support my argument.” I swallow hard. “What this is really about is the safety and security of our citizens. There are health issues, like vaccinations, that must be addressed. And don’t get me started on border security and the smuggling of drugs and weapons into this country.”
His voice is strong. “So you agree with splitting up families when we send one or two illegal residents back to their home country, leaving the rest of the members here?”
“Wow. Don’t you sound like a bleeding heart liberal? They shouldn’t have entered the country here illegally in the first place.” I wrap one arm around my chest defiantly.
“Look. I don’t see that this issue has a one-size-fits-all approach to fixing it, and for the record, I’m not a liberal. What I do see as a solution is that if someone can prove that they’ve been working here in the U.S. for a defined period of time, and are in good standing with the law why not naturalize them. I mean, isn’t that how most of our ancestors started out here?” His voice rises as he finishes.
This is fun. I’m really enjoying our verbal sparring match, but it’s late. “Well, Coach Jackson. I see you can take the man out of politics, but not the politics out of the man. I say we table this discussion for tonight.”
He chuckles. “Fair enough.” Then, he changes the subject. “When can I see you again?””
“During the week is really hard for me. You see what time I get home. I don’t know. Let me check my calendar tomorrow, and I’ll text you.”
“You know I didn’t get much sleep last night because every time I closed my eyes I saw how gorgeous you were when you got lost in me.” Graham drops that little grenade out there.
At just the reminder of our heated make-out session, my body flushes. “It was a nice kiss . . .”
 “Oh, Rachael, there wasn’t anything nice about it. It was dirty in the best kind of way.” When he delivers this line, albeit a very good line, his voice drops a couple of octaves. I want to climb through the airwaves and kiss him again. I have to remind myself that we just met, and I am getting more comfortable with the idea that this may be more than sexual. But right now, as turned on as I am, my body is not very pleased with this waiting-and-getting-to-know-each-other nonsense.
“Are you in bed?”
“Yes. Are you in bed also?”
“I am.”
“What are you wearing?” he asks, and then quickly corrects himself. “No. Don’t tell me. I’ll just spend another night not sleeping.” After a pause, he adds, “I think we’re going to need to speed up this getting-to-know-each-other business.”
I giggle—yes! Giggle. My thoughts exactly, Graham. “First thing in the morning, I’ll check my calendar.”

“You do that. Now, let’s watch something on TV that’s very PG.”

"The World: According to Rachael" is live on November 25. You can pre-order it now at