Friday, December 5, 2014

Oh no!

Caught our elf sneaking a peek at "The World: According to Rachael." Made her blush...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"The World: According to Rachael" is LIVE!

The World: According to Rachael is live. Wow! This is my fifth book published... a whole hand. This is also the first book that I haven't had years to ponder (obsess over).

A quick bit about me. I dabbled in Washington politics for a couple of years. In my previous life, I worked as a PR rep in D.C. It was a very fun gig. Anyway, I always saw Rachael as being strong enough to navigate Washington. It's not for the faint-hearted. That led me to reminiscence about some of the more interesting people I met during my time in the nation's capital. 

Graham. I'm very attached to him. I never thought that I would write another male character that I felt so strongly about. Graham Jackson has won a permanent place in my heart. He's not Colin. Here's a spoiler... He doesn't give up his job for Rachael. You see more of his personality in his book "The World: According to Graham." 

Rachael. When I start writing, I don't create a character sheet. I let their personalities evolve more organically and tweak when I begin editing. I think Rachael is very relatable in spite of her job title. She reminds me of myself a bit before I got married. This paragraph I stole from my 20's. 

"This gorgeous cocktail dress has an unfortunate closure, but because I live alone, I’ve mastered the art of contorting my body so I can zip and unzip my own dresses. In fact, the few times that I do get to watch a movie or TV show and the main character asks her partner to unzip her dress, I almost gag. In the real world, us single girls list that as a survival skill."

Evan: I know he's a minor character. I don't care. He deserves his own paragraph in my blog post. Evan is plagiarized from my former business partner. I changed the name to protect the guilty. His banter with Rachael is a snapshot of our morning conversations. We were asked more than once if we were dating. Icky! But, the two of us could share a room in the old folks' home and create havoc with our banter.

Without giving too much away if you haven't read "The World: According to Rachael," in my humble opinion, I think this book is great. I love the twist. I like the characters. I'm working on Graham's book now. I think he's adorable, and I love Rachael's growth. I can't wait to complete their journey and share it with you. 

Here's the buy link for "The World: According to Rachael." If you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, it's free.