Monday, July 14, 2014

The World: According to Rachael

I've been working on this post for a week... Ugh! Hitting publish sucks. Here it goes...

I have good news and bad news depending on your perspective. Here's the God's honest truth. I love Rachael's story, and I think you guys will also. However, I've delayed publishing it until closer to Christmas. Here are my reasons why.

I'm an indie author. I love that I can write or rewrite or do whatever I want on my time schedule. Rachael's book is finished, but after reading it multiple times, I think that the story is lacking. I had worried myself to the point that I really began to despise my computer. I didn't want to be faced with a story that I felt was a regurgitated fairy tale. I came to that conclusion after spending another night dreading having to read it. 

So, I did something that it very uncharacteristic for me. I emailed my editor and told her to give my spot on her calendar away. In my everyday life, I am very dependable - never late - even to the point that I drive my family crazy. After a lot of soul searching, I've come to the conclusion that I would be letting you down more by delivering a story that I wasn't obsessed with as opposed to pushing the date and giving you a bad ass book.

I'm reworking Rachael's story, and I am beyond excited with her and Graham's "new" life. Here are my character notes:

Rachael Early: Arguably the most powerful woman in the Untied States.  She's bold, tough, driven, intelligent, and charismatic. On the flip side, she's also given up her entire life to achieve her success. Before the age of 40, she's faced with the question "has she peaked professionally in her 30's? Now what?" She lives alone in a house that she rents with the same furniture that she had when she was in her early 20's. Rachael has one close friend, Charlie from the Infinity Series. Her parents are successful in their own right, and she doesn't have a close relationship with them. Her self worth is defined completely by her job title.

Graham Jackson: Disillusioned with Washington DC politics, but not willing to move home, he accepts a job as a teacher and coach at a local high school. He's a good guy - the kind of guy that accepts people for who they are. He's incredibly likable and is still close friends with guys from his fraternity. He challenges Rachael and forces her out of her comfort zone, but he does it in way that's supportive and caring. He comes from a very strong family. Graham has a dog named George. However, Graham must keep part of who and what he does for a living a secret from Rachael. This is the crux of the story.

You're probably asking yourself why the new version of the book is so much better. Here's why. I decided to really develop Graham's character. I like the guy. I think that he's the perfect complement to Rachael. I also have added more story with minor characters in the book. I must say that I haven't read anything to compare it to in the contemporary romance genre, and that excites me. 

In the end, I hope that you will forgive me for postponing the release of the book. I hope that your trust in me is not broken. Ultimately, I hope that you will love Rachael's book so much that you'll applaud my decision.


Preet said...

Take your time! I know I have no problem waiting to Rachael's story until you feel like it's ready for us to read.

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