Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maybe the Summary of "Finding Infinity"

Here is what I think that I'm going to use for the summary of "Finding Infinity." I just think that Colin sums up the book better than I can...

"Fine Charlie.” Colin says dropping his hands in defeat. “Here's what I want. I want everybody to back the fuck off and let me play football. I want you to go back to practicing medicine because I’m ready for you to be happy again - not this forced shit that you keep trying to sell me. I want Brad to get his house finished because I’m tired of listening to his DIY project updates. I want Jenny to decide on a hair color. I want Aiden and Rachael to either figure their shit out or leave each other alone, because Aiden’s chick drama is annoying. I want Mark to quit trying so hard to be my buddy again. I want my parents to get off my back about us living in sin. I want you to please pick a wedding date already. That’s what I want. What am I going to get? None of it because I have to grant another fucking interview to the press to try to patch the gaping wound that is my life with a Band-aid.”


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