Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Three - Third Try?

I can't name a book to save my life. It's truly a painful process equivalent to getting the flu vaccine and grocery shopping on Sunday mornings before the big football game. So, I decided to ask a couple of my beta readers for suggestions. Here's what I get...

Beta Reader #1: The other titles are so bad that you've really set the bar low. I think you should stick with Third Try.

Okay... So she's no help.

Beta Reader #2: Does it have to have "Infinity" in the title?
Me: Ummm... Yes! That's kind of the point.
Beta Reader #2: To Infinity and Beyond.
Me: Thanks for not helping, but the next time that my kids want to watch that movie, I'll be sure to send you a text each time Buzz Lightyear drops his most notable line.

Then the skies part and angels sing.
Beta Reader #3: How about "Finding Infinity?"
Me: Not bad. Let me sleep on it.

To my husband, "What do you think of Finding Infinity?" He responds with, "It's better than third try."

Sold! The title of book three of the Infinity Series is Finding Infinity.


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