Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"From Now Until Infinity" Countdown Recap...

In honor of "From Now Until Infinity" coming out...
1. Eight is Colin's football number.
2. Eight is the symbol for infinity.
3. Eight is the number of years Colin and Charlie were separated.
4. Eight is how many more days that you have to wait...

Here's a spoiler for ya... "From Now Until Infinity" starts SEVEN DAYS after Charlie and Colin run into each other again!

SIX is the number of Collins girls... Chelsea, Caroline, Amy, Julie, Sarah and Tiffany. The first five names all have something in common. Any guesses on what it is? It's revealed in book three.

FIVE DAYS  after Charlie returns to Houston, Colin and her have plans to spend the weekend together. Remember who won the confession run bet in "Falling Into Infinity?"

FOUR is the number of books in the Infinity Series!

"I am going." THREE simple words that changed the course of two lives forever.

TWO is the number of years that Charlie and Colin dated in college.

I hit the  publish button for "From Now Until Infinity" ONE minute ago... It's now in Amazon's hands. I'll post the link when it's live.      



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