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Hi! Almost 16-years-ago, I wrote the first version of Colin and Charlie’s story. I had just graduated from college, had a rockin’ job in the tech field, but I was all alone in a new city. I missed my boyfriend (now husband), my friends, and family. I wanted to tell a story of about a strong female character. She didn’t go to college to get her MRS degree. Then, I thought about all the obstacles that stand in coeds way with the most important obstacle being boys. The first version of Colin and Charlie’s story barely resembles “Falling Into Infinity.” Going back and reading it now, I realize just how immature I was.  Anyway, I wrote their story again about eight years later before I had my first child. When, I started their story for a final time, I blended the two versions. Now, being the mother of a girl changed their story dramatically. I used a lot of Charlie from the original version of the book in the college years section. I hope both Colin and Charlie come across as immature kids (I was when I originally wrote it). I also hope that you will see the growth of both characters later in the book. They gain perspective with maturity. If you find yourself disliking Charlie in the beginning imagine yourself at nineteen. I think that that there is a little bit of everyone in her character. Cheers!
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Unknown said...

Bought both of your books last night and finished them both tonight. Great writing
kept me wondering through out. Can't wait for book number 3.

Thank you, great jog.

Unknown said...

I LOVE THE STORY OF COLIN AND CHARLIE!!! I laughed and cried through all of them!!! You are an exceptional story teller and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!!!!

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