Friday, May 30, 2014

Readers' Favorite Part from "Finding Infinity."

A little insight into me... Once I hit publish, I do not read my books again. 
So I keep getting messages from readers telling me about their favorite parts. The most common one mentioned is in "Finding Infinity" where Colin has to give a sperm sample. I broke my rule and went back and read it. Damn... It is funny and hot! Here's the scene if you've forgotten.  

After Doctor Starr leaves to see another patient, I fall back in my chair, running my hands through my hair. “I’m so fucking sorry. It never occurred to me that my ex-wife didn’t get pregnant. I just thought God was doing me a favor.” The weight that’s been sitting on my chest since my accident has become crushing. I can’t believe this. This is me. I’m broken. Why didn’t I see it before? God, why have I dragged Charlie into this mess? She deserves a baby.
“Look, Colin. That’s why we’re here. It probably means nothing. Stop it. Quit beating yourself up. We’re probably just going to be told that we need to keep trying. But, we’ll never know if you don’t go make love to yourself while you watch a bad porno.” She smiles.
“Fuck the porno,” I say, trying to make myself feel better. “I’m going to beat off to us making love on the sun lounger by the pool.”
“Colin, we’ve never had sex on the sun lounger?” she lifts her eyebrows in confusion.
I shoot her my half smile. “It’s called a fantasy, darlin’.”
The nurse opens the door, and I slip the cup in my shorts pocket. I need two hands to crutch to the “special” room.
Charlie goes to the waiting room while I follow the nurse. She shows me how to work the DVD player, and introduces me to the porn library. The titles are so amazingly bad that I’m half tempted to snap a couple of pictures of the covers, and buy them for Aiden for Christmas. There’s even a gay porn. I could buy it for Brad. Even he would be appalled—I hope.
When the nurse is done giving me instructions, she leaves me alone in the room. I take the lid off the spooge cup and stare at it. If they’d just let Charlie suck me off for thirty seconds, then we could be done. I wonder if I could maybe sneak her back, but I know that she’d never go against doctor protocol.
I pull my pants down and look at my dick. For once, it’s not hard. I try to get comfortable on the plastic covered couch, and picture things that normally get me hard: Charlie’s lips, Charlie’s hair, Charlie’s lavender eyes.
Nope. Nothing. My dick knows that it’s showtime, and he’s apparently gun-shy. I pick my dick up and then drop it, watching it flop to the left. “Look, I get it,” I say staring at my flaccid cock. “We’d both rather fuck Charlie than my hand, but we don’t have a choice. We’ve got to perform on command, now.” Fucking great! My dick and I are now having a conversation.
I try to relax, but it’s so absurdly awkward. I can hear muffled voices outside the door. I feel like a wanker or a pervert in here, staring at the porn collection.
I force my body to relax by rolling my shoulders and attempting to do some visualization exercises. I go into game day mode. I think about my girl, sitting in the waiting room. I think about seeing her for the first time when the elevator doors opened at the hotel in Los Angeles. She had on a fucking lavender dress, like God was giving me a sign that she’d be mine again. Then, I think of the kiss in Clay’s trophy room. How I wanted to lay her out on the pool table and just stare at her curvier body. Her tits. My beautiful girl’s tits are perfect. Perfect for my hands. Made for my mouth. She’s everything that I want, and a lot that I didn’t even know I needed.
I wrap my hand around my cock and begin to stoke it, up and down. I picture Charlie and me making love in the college chair in our bedroom. I stop pumping my dick, and begin to massage my balls. I picture my cold empty house that she’s filled up. I see her pinching her nipples, and bringing them to hard points. Then I see her running her finger along her beautiful pussy folds. And how there’s a wet sheen that covers the inside of her thighs.
That’s doing it. My dick remembers all of it, and totally forgets we’re in a doctor’s office.
I start stoking my cock back and forth again, as I picture her straddling my lap and sliding her hot, wet pussy on my dick. I see how her tits bounce up and down as she rides me, throwing her head back in ecstasy that she’s feeling because of me. How her caramel hair brushes against my thighs when she throws her head back in pleasure.
I feel my balls pull up tightly. I pump harder and squeeze my dick while I remember how it feels when her pussy grabs my cock just before she floods me with her sweetness.
“Oh, fuck,” I moan. I grab the cup sitting next to me.
I see Charlie’s beautiful face when she’s almost there, and then I picture her leaning forward and fucking my mouth with her tongue as she comes. I can almost feel her sucking my tongue and biting my lips. It’s the hottest fucking mouth on the planet and it’s my girls.
My abs tighten with every spurt of cum that I shoot in the plastic cup.
That wasn’t so hard, was it, dick?
I lean back against the sofa after I’m done and mentally try to get myself back together. I’m going to have to remember all of that for the next time I have to be away from her. Fuck, that was powerful.
I quickly twist the top shut on the cup, and use the bathroom inside the room to clean myself up. I have to get a paper towel and wipe my face. I’m covered in a thin layer of sweat.
I mentally give my boys a pep talk. Swim perfectly for the nice doctor. And then, I slide my sample into the cut-out in the wall that the nurse directed me to.
We’ve got an hour to kill, and I know exactly what we should do. We should go christen Charlie’s car, because all that jack-off session did was make me hornier.
When we’re alone in the elevator, I attack her. I open her lips with my tongue, and begin making love to her mouth. She responds back just as forcefully. She always does; we were made for each other.
The ding of the elevator tells us that we’ve reached the lobby way too soon. She pulls away first, and begins straightening her shirt and smoothing her hair. I just smile, and look down at my cock that’s at full attention against my zipper.
Charlie smirks. “When isn’t it hard?”
            I don’t tell her about my almost problem in the spooge room. Think I’ll keep that story to myself. 


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