Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Infinity." FAQ's

Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages and questions. Infinity. has been live a week tomorrow so I thought I would address some of the most common questions that I've received.

1. Will you ever get around to putting out print versions of Finding Infinity and Infinity.?
Yes! I decided to focus on what I do best which is not format books. I hired Jason, who's an Aussie, to make them pretty for me. Everyone in my house is pleased with my decision :-) I should have books in two weeks. If you'd like to buy them from me, I'll write you a message inside. If you could care less about my horrible penmanship, they'll be available through Amazon.

2. Are you going to write about Ainsley and Royce's relationship?
This question has shocked me. I never meant for the ending to come across as a teaser. I've been accused of having the book end on a cliffhanger. If I left you with that feeling, I'm so sorry. No intentional cliffhanger... I promise. Here's the honest to God truth. I loved the idea of the book ending with Ainsley beginning her relationship in a very similar way to how "Falling Into Infinity" began. I was playing with the concept of Infinity. I haven't given Ainsley and Royce's story much thought. As I've learned, never say never, but their relationship is not on my writing calendar.

3. Which part do you still laugh at even though you wrote it and have read it to the point that you can recite it like the Pledge of Allegiance?
Just typing this, I'm smiling. I love the scene where Colin is going through fast food row to get Charlie her pregnant food cravings. I read a book when I was pregnant called, "Pregnancy Sucks for Men" by Joanne Kimes. I thought, "Wow! It really does." Anyway, since I envisioned Colin becoming a dad, that scene has always been present. I hope that I communicated just how funny it was to me in my own head.

4. You write FICTION why can't your characters be more fairy tale like?
This is the biggest criticism that I receive. Here's how I think about the answer. One of my all-time favorite songs is "99 Problems." I have every version of the song that I can get my hands on. You name it... I have performances from singing competitions to artists' covers. Seriously, I have a YouTube channel dedicated to it. Do I have a favorite version of the song? Yes. However, I appreciate anyone who tackles the song and puts their own spin on it. The message is the same. The difference is how it's delivered.

Example: Here are three different ways that I can write about the first five minutes of my morning.

Version One: The morning sunlight filters through my shut eyes before my body takes notice that it's indeed time to get out of bed. As if I needed another clue, the shrill voices of my children pierce my otherwise peaceful room. Apparently, today's the day that they are going to death match to see who chooses the morning cartoon. Don't they know that I have a hundred things on my to-do list today? I like to wake up and lie in bed for a few minutes with no one bothering me. This is my time to think about what I need to get accomplished, and prepare myself to be in a good mood. "Damn!" I mumble through my scratchy morning voice. "This is a terrible way to begin my day.

Version Two: She was buried deeply underneath the yellow summer duvet - probably sleeping on her side. However, it was hard to tell because the blanket was piled so thickly - smothering her. It wasn't possible to make out a body form. Her hair was splayed in a fan like shape on the white pillow. The sunlight or maybe the sound of the children awakening caused her to stir - eyelids fluttering before they eventually opened. The kids' voices reached a fever pitch as they fought over the television remote. "Damn!" she mumbled, sounding as if she had swallowed glass. "This is a terrible way to begin my day.

Version Three: The birds were singing a song that only they knew. The sun filtered through the trees and cascaded the bedroom in shades of yellow light. It appeared to be subtly attempting to awaken the sleeping family. The mother's eyes opened and her face did not look as serene as it should emerging from a deep sleep. It could have been the children fighting over the television in the next room or perhaps she's just not a morning person. As the voices of the kids grew louder, the mother mumbled, "Damn! This is a terrible way to begin my day."

I prefer version one because I can definitely share more about the character. The reader has a much better idea of what's going on in my head then the other two versions. This is my style. There's nothing wrong with the other two versions. In version two you find out more about how I look when I sleep (okay! That creeped me out). In version three, you discover more about my environment. To each their own. It's what makes the world go around.

In my humble opinion, it's much harder to write the first version with a fairy tale like spin. Just think of all the thoughts that pass through your head on a daily basis that you don't say out loud. Eek!

5. Why is Charlie a professor instead of a doctor?
I love this question. It means you have really gotten my story. The underlying theme of the series has been finding the balance between careers and family. Some call Charlie selfish. I understand completely why she comes off that way. When she was in early 20's she chose Harvard Medical School over Colin. For the record, I don't see this as a selfish move. I can debate this point for hours and have over a bottle of wine with a good friend. We ultimately agreed to disagree. However, I couldn't have Colin walking away from his career, and Charlie not compromising at all. I think her growth through the books has demonstrated that she got on board (maybe a little later) with Colin to put their relationship/family first. Plus, I didn't see Charlie being happy as a small town doctor. I think being a research professor is perfect for her. She's using her degree while still being a mom. I also love that her and Colin carpool. Maybe she's gotten through to him about his environmental abuse? Probably not :-)

6. Will you ever offer Infinity Series SWAG?
Probably not. However, a reader designed this shirt, and asked me to try to talk 30 of you into purchasing one. I think it's pretty cute, and I purchased one for myself. Here's the link http://teespring.com/infinityseries.

Keep the questions coming...


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