Monday, March 3, 2014

What's happening on April 17?

Great question! Infinity. will be live on Amazon. I'm so excited to share the end of Colin and Charlie's story with you. That's not entirely accurate. I dread the series coming to an end, but I'm tired of keeping their secrets. Does that make sense?

I will not be posting teasers from the book. Why? Because there is really nothing I can share without giving away major plot points. This book is not an 85,000 word epilogue. A lot of story happens in the 340 (or so) pages.

What I do plan on sharing is some of the story that didn't make it into the final book. For example, I had originally written the back story to Colin's first marriage. In the end, I found it was more of a detraction than an addition to the conclusion of the book. I'll post on my blog some of his first marriage. I might even share his ex-wife's name (she does have one :-)).

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is am I happy with the conclusion to their story. The answer is yes. Absolutely. When the book is complete, you will not have any lingering questions. Is everything wrapped up with a pretty bow? No. But, neither is life. However, if you don't have a huge smile on your face at the end, I'll be blown away.

One of the biggest criticisms I've received is why the story took four books to tell. I hope that Infinity. answers that question for you. I've never been okay with the prince rescuing the princess from the tower and the story ends. As I wrote in Finding Infinity...

"All fairytales that I read as a child cut off at the wedding. No one hears about how the princess dealt with the prince leaving her every weekend to slay dragons. Or what happens when the wicked step-sisters waggle their perfect asses in his direction. Do the princess and prince have a baby? Who knows? That part of the fairytale is omitted. Does Prince Charming want to have sex with the princess to make his ego feel better?"

That's the kind of author that I am.

Stay tuned for deleted scenes, as I've come to call them... Yay!


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