Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Charlie and Colin... The Character Names.

So it occurred to me I've never shared where the character's names Colin and Charlie originated. As I've said previously, the characters Charlie and Colin were created when I was thirteen. Not to heap my childhood woes on you, but I was a book nerd when reading wasn't very cool. I'd always made up stories, and creative writing was like kid crack for me. 

Children of the '80's remember Charlie perfume? Yup! I wanted a bottle of Charlie body spray desperately. My mother, as she should have, told me no. Here's the commercial for those who missed out. I still haven't gotten a bottle...

What about Coin, you ask? Good question. Every kid in the state of Texas is required to take Texas history in middle school. My class was taught by the football coach at our school. He was awesome. Made history relevant to a bunch of 13-year-old's. We learned about Collin McKinney who was the one of the original drafters of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Then, we had to research places in Texas named after famous historical Texans. So there is a major street that cuts across downtown Houston named in his honor. McKinney street just so happens to intersect Caroline Street. And now you know...


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